Earlier disease detection, determination of the sources of allergy, and monitoring of chronic conditions are fundamental clinical needs that could be addressed with better diagnostic tests. As the number of biomarkers being identified for allergy, cancer, cardiac disease, autoimmune disease, and inflammation continues to rapidly increase, the development of new tests capable of measuring multiple biomarkers with high sensitivity, low cost and fast, easy-to-use protocols, is more important than ever. Currently available approaches for performing these assays are available through large in vitro diagnostic laboratories using expensive capital equipment, complex protocols run by highly trained technicians, and blood samples drawn by phlebotomy. There is an unmet need to deliver a product to the market that can multiplex, with the ability to deliver results quickly at the point of care.

Exalt Diagnostics’ mission is to introduce high sensitivity, and highly portable biosensor detection instrumentation to point of care clinics and to consumers.  We are utilizing nanostructure photonic crystal surfaces to enhance the output of fluorescence assays used in diagnostics, proteomics, and genetic analysis.  We are using the internal sensing capabilities available in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to perform the same detection functions as expensive laboratory instruments.  We are exploring applications in infectious disease diagnosis, food safety, animal health, cancer, heart disease, and allergy.