Products & Technology

Exalt’s FluoroBoost™ technology utilizes a nanostructured photonic crystal surface to increase the output of any surface-based fluorescence assay by >500x.  Using small chips manufactured on silicon wafers using conventional microfabrication methods, a single ~2×5 mm2 chip can accommodate hundreds of biomarkers/assay.  Any conventional fluorescent biomarker assay can be ported to the FluoroBoost™ system, with fluorescence enhancements of 50x obtained with existing laser scanners made by other companies, and gains of >500x achieved using Exalt’s proprietary instrument.  The technology confers a substantial advantage over existing approaches through more reliable detection of low concentration biomarkers, and the ability to use a simple, compact, and inexpensive detection system.  The core technology is protected by 7 issued US patents, and several patents pending.

Through an inexpensive and portable interface to ordinary smartphones, we have developed a detection approach that allows the back-facing camera to function as a high sensitivity and high resolution spectrometer.  Using this capability, we have demonstrated the ability of mobile devices to deliver the same performance and sensitivity as expensive laboratory detection instruments used for the most common diagnostic tests used for identifying pathogens, diagnosing disease, and detection of allergens.  Through our patented “smartphone biosensor” technology, we are bringing the laboratory to the point of care.